Children are accepted to our school according to the procedure established by the institution, which is considered completed after the parents have paid all the payments related to the enrolment of the child and signed an education contract.

Enrolment order:
• Individual talk with the family.
• Susipažinimas su KD tarptautinės mokyklos filosofija, pedagogais ir ugdymosi aplinka.
• We will conduct an assessment of the child’s maturity and knowledge.
• Signing the contract.

Documents required for registration:
• Application;
• Birth certificate or copy of passport;
• sutartis,
• Child‘s health certificate;
• A summary assessment of achievement and progress from a previous educational institution;
• ikimokyklinei ir priešmokyklinei klasei gyvenamosios vietos deklaracijos pažyma, jei kreipiamasi dėl 120EUR savivaldybės kompensacijos.

To arrange a meeting with the school administration:
• Phone: + 370 688 87544 or email: info@katinodieneles.lt (enrolment to preschool education)
• Phone: + 370 688 87544 or email: mokykla@katinodieneles.lt (enrolment to primary school)

You can also fill out the form in the contacts section.


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