Monthly payment for educational and care services 2021-2022 year:
350 EUR in preschool education (12 payments per year)
400 EUR primary school (10-12 payments per year)

Payments include:
• Education in Lithuanian according to the pre-school Education and General Primary Education programs approved by the MES (Ministry of Education Science)
• Education in English according to Cambridge education program
• Training sessions supplementing the curriculum (computer literacy lessons, robotics, singing lessons, theatre, etc.)
• Assistance of special pedagogues (provided in accordance with the procedure established by the school).

Enrolment payment – 300 EUR one time and non-refundable payment played when enrolling a child to school.

Other payments:
• Extended day group – 60 EUR (if booked)
• School uniforms
• Thematic trips (transport, tickets)
• Extra curriculum activities
• Food (if ordered)

Food payment – 6,40 EUR per day. Payment is calculated at the end of the month according to the days a child has attended school. The fee is charged for breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by Confetti and delivered to us daily, as well as fruit and drinking water freely available to children throughout the day. This fee is also for those who order special menu – children with allergies or vegetarians. 

Fees for additional extra curriculum classes / groups in primary education before or after lessons are paid in agreement with the teacher leading the class.

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