Let‘s meet our pedagogues


I am Agneška, the new teacher for PreSchool class. My first experience with educating children was in a summer camp while looking after children‘s house’s pupils. Right then and there I realised that educating children is my calling, thanks to them I feel free, creative, and constantly learning. For a long time, I tried to understand with which age group I am the best working with. I went on a research internship to Wroclaw, where I had the opportunity to work with children of all ages. Later, during my internship at the university and volunteering in various non-traditional children's employment spaces, day centres and schools, I realized that as a teacher, I always express myself the best only when working with young pre-school students.
To me, being a teacher is way more than giving knowledge. In my opinion, emotional and trust-based feedback between a student and a teacher is very important. When I myself was a student, teachers’ attention was very important, to know that someone notices your feelings, emotions, sees me as a person, and does not value me only based on my grades. I try to be a teacher just like that, I want for children to feel free, valued when learning, and with the help of mutual trust would strengthen their motivation for learning.
I usually spend my free time actively. I love being in nature, riding a bicycle and swimming. When I want calmness and connection with nature, I go to a remote place, where in an absolute freedom live 19 horses. I am a volunteer at the Horse Care Association and I express my love for nature right there.


I am Dovilė – I graduated from Lithuanian philology and acquired the qualification category of a teacher. Right now I am working as a preschool education teacher in “Katino Dienelės“ and simultaneously study Primary Education. In my opinion working with children is our most meaningful contribution to future generations. In my professional choices, each day I understand that I am on the right and meaningful path. My goal is to develop curious, creative personalities whose knowledge is not limited to the knowledge provided in the curricula.
To me, it is very important, that a child who enters an educational institution is not afraid to be free, they are helped by an interesting and sincere teacher who purposefully creates an educational environment. I think the most important task when working with children is to ensure the uniqueness of each personality and to notice each child. Teacher‘s job never bores me, I seek for my knowledge to be renewed, to find my way to the heart of every child and to be able to interest him. I am very pleased that in my job, the learning process is focused on innovative education, which does not have strict ‘textbook’ rules, and the educational process uses modern and innovative methods to respond to each child’s abilities and needs.


I am Elnara Nazarova, 27 years old girl born and raised in Azerbaijan. I have achieved my bachelor's degree in Azerbaijan and specialized as an English Teacher. Since 2018 I have moved to Lithuania to pursue my master’s degree at Vytautas Magnus University. During my studies, I gained knowledge in designing learning programs and curriculums, in digitalization of learning, innovations and e-learning technologies in education. Recently, I have been graduated with great results and gained my master's Degree Diploma in "Education Sciences”. In addition to my studies in Lithuania, I have also completed the master's degree program of “Adult and Continuing Education” in Würzburg, Germany. Being taught by lecturers invited from England, I have been presented the importance of Adult and Lifelong Learning from different perspectives and learned how to organize formal and informal learning programs for people who are poor in society or who have lost access to education for other reasons in order to achieve social justice and equal access to education. Regarding my professional experience, I have worked in different educational institutions such as Riga’s First Language School (Riga, Latvia) and The Florence Classical Arts Academy (Florence, Italy). Working as an English Teacher in Riga's Frist Language School, I had a chance to build a close relationship with amazing children. With the school leader and teachers, we organized a marvellous summer camp called "Canada Wild". We discovered Canada together with children and taught them everything about Canada through interesting presentations, activities and music. I have also led English Grammar Lessons, Morning Gymnastics, Drama Lessons, presentations on various topics, and organized art and food workshops. Working as an English Teacher made me realize one more time how I enjoy being around children and experience the rapidly changing world together.
I am of opinion that each child is special and needs a personalized approach and attention in the classroom. Therefore, I have decided to do my master’s thesis on the topic of Personalized Learning and analyzed how could the blended learning method helps to personalize the learning process. Blended learning helps children and students to enjoy the learning process as they are given choice and voice in education. It transforms the traditional, teacher-centred way of learning by maintaining a fun and engaging learning process, by enhancing students’ self-paced and flexible learning which are the key elements for a successful education. Therefore, I use this approach in my classroom and encourage children to discover their strength, passion and create an environment for fun and collaborative learning.


I am Indrė, I have been working with pre-schoolers at “Katino Dienelės” since the beginning of 2020. I am also currently studying Childhood Pedagogy at Vilnius University and working as a Lithuanian language teacher at “The World Lithuanian School”. After seven years of traveling the world and graduating with a bachelor's degree in alternative education in Denmark, I realized that the time had come to return to Lithuania and follow the path of my calling.
During my studies, I had a seven-month internship in a modern private school with special needs and a shorter volunteer in a kindergarten practicing the Montessori method in Panevėžys. I have also been involved in field pedagogy training in the United Kingdom, deepening my field in my alternative education undergraduate thesis.
The most meaningful job in my perception is to grow with students. Children are the transmitters of creativity, goodness, warmth, so I have endless gratitude and joy that I can contribute at least a little bit to their preparation for tomorrow, to strengthen my strengths. Children radiate purity and enthusiasm, so working with children is full of discoveries, meaning and growth.
In my free time I like to study, participate in events and seminars, be curious, take an interest. I like to travel, read books, do gardening, ride a bike, spend time with relatives and friends, create and implement a variety of ideas.


My name is Nalan and I earned my bachelors in Pre and Elementary Science Education Teaching in 2016. During my studies I studied Special Education Needs in Holland/Rotterdam as well. After Graduation I had a marvellous teaching internship in Prague. I was an excellent student and my curiosity helped me to get my Master's degree in Latvia University/Riga. I earned my Master degree in Science and Special Needs Education in 2019. During that time, I wrote a thesis based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) and had practical part on it. I am very passionate about all subjects, though "Science" is my favourite. I enjoy using technology in teaching as much as I can. I prepare science, nature science, experiments and steam topics for kids. I love to see their excitement and basically, I find marvellous to see their happy and excited faces. I love to create a productive learning environment for kids that is child-cantered. In my classroom I care and value their ideas, thoughts and actions. I promote positive working relationship with my colleagues. Beyond my teaching experience, classroom management and lifelong passion for education, I dedicated myself to Science in early childhood. Children start to explore their own world with my magical Science lessons and there’s nothing I love more than when I am working with my little buddies.


My name is Nubar Ismayilova. Originally, I am from Baku, Azerbaijan. After moving to Lithuania, I started to work as an English Teacher at Katino Dieneles International Nursery. Since 2019, I step forward with the international community of Katino Dieneles. I pursued my master’s degree from State University in Azerbaijan in the field of Linguistics and afterward I specialized as an English Teacher. Currently, I am doing my second master’s degree and specializing in the Educational Management field of Vytautas Magnus University. My early passion for teaching motivated me to start tutoring English in my home country. I gained an opportunity to practice my first teaching skills at the State Pedagogical University in Baku for more than a year. Thus, the curiosity and interest that I possess intended me to dig deeper in order to discover new applied methods and styles in the educational sphere. I felt that the more experience I gained in teaching, the more I was motivated to transmit my knowledge to the people around me. As a result, I always found myself willing to improve my foreign languages and teaching skills and for this purpose, I took part in various workshops, seminars, and training programs during my study years and in later years. While working at the university, two articles of mine were published in the university’s scientific journal. Those articles were about teachers’ pedagogical and psychological knowledge which was mainly focused on how teachers implement their pedagogical and psychological knowledge in the classroom. In my teaching philosophy, I always follow the pedagogical and psychological aspects of teaching. This point of view helps me not only to become a better teacher, in particular but also to build a strong collaboration with people surrounding me. Also, it would be pleasant to mention that for me it is essential to connect every single detail in a creative way, creating innovative, modern methods for lessons and to take into consideration their implementation. Each point is crucial, as every child is unique and the method of teaching them also should be special and at the same time individualized. Nevertheless, I believe friendly environment will help all teachers around the world grow up happy, confident and independent personalities. All we need is love, respect and peace.
Regarding to my interest areas, I do like reading various genres of book, watching real life- based movies and walking in the nature, specially after rain. As we live once, I do my best to enjoy each minute, smile and spread positive vibes.

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