Distinctiveness of Education

XXI century education in Katino Dienelės

Most important in our school is:

• Išmokti mokytis
• Raise questions
• Clarify/solve problems
• Argue your opinion/choices

We are creating today‘s and tomorrow’s education. Ability to collect information is not a hard task for all of us, but it is crucial to be able to choose the information. In today‘s society it is important to not just follow orders, but also to take initiative in creation of our future‘s success. We believe, that the best way for our children to take responsibility for their choices and decisions is by learning how to learn, improving their personal motivation, creating their own future.
Our learning environment is calm, respectful for child, enabling the child to take responsibility for their future‘s creation. We are raising self-confident, determined and active citizens of the world creating paths in our modern society throughout their own experience.

Learning through playing

Playing is crucial and needed for every child, that is why at Katino Dienelės we learn through playing. We believe that learning the elements of thinking is easier to learn when playing than in a lesson. While playing we are training a more complex form of thinking – abstract thinking. Children learn to connect symbols (for example, letters mean alphabet to them), to see new meanings and this way they learn to look at a situation form different aspects.

During the game we are learning collaboration, team work, communication, leadership, solving conflicts, engineering, curiosity, responsibility, and many more skills needed in life. We learn while playing and we play while learning. That is why in Katino Dienelės we give more time and opportunities for children to get into the real game and to experience more diverse learning.

Independent self-directed education

Most effective and successful education is achieved when it is initiated by the learner. Our children choose the most appropriate activities independently, sets learning goals for themselves, evaluates their progress. Without a strict educational schedule or teaching program children can learn independently, with their own needs and abilities at the time most relevant for them.

International community

Our community is various – families and pedagogues come from different places of the world, different races and religions, thus each and every person is welcome and loved in Katino Dienelės. Common values, goals, language and aspirations unite us, and traditions and internal culture is represented by Katino Dienelės uniforms, from the smallest children to administration, we all dress the same.


In our institution children have the whole time in the world that they can give to their interests and passions. They have time to play, socialize, to think, or to just be with themselves. Most importantly, children have time to learn how to learn. Ability to control your time creates a medium for children to learn how to solve problems, how to purify them, how to communicate and to collaborate with the surrounding environment, to educate, deepen and practice their abilities, skills, and knowledge. We believe that a person knows how to learn effectively, he can reach whatever they put their mind on. Purposefully creating an educational environment gives opportunity to find what children want, what is interesting and relevant to them at the moment, so that they could become a lifelong learning personality.

The intertwining of age groups

Children of different ages successfully collaborate together in Katino Dienelės, they learn from each other, observe the abilities in older children, try to depict, develop competence that is needed when growing up. This intertwining of ages inspires older children to be creative and playful, to take into account abilities and needs of the younger. This method of education teaches younger to be more responsible, motivates to reach new abilities, and to learn collaboration, team work with different ages, interest, and intellect groups of people.

Contextual Education

Mes tikime, kad vaiko noras ir motyvacija mokytis ateina iš pačio vaiko, kuris turi prisiimti atsakomybę už savo ugdymosi procesą, o profesionalūs, vaiko gebėjimus atliepiantys pedagogai bei tikslingai paruošta ugdymosi aplinka ir kontekstinio ugdymo pedagogika skatina vaiko žingeidumą, temos suvokimą iš skirtingų perspektyvų. Kai vaikas pradeda vis giliau nagrinėti tam tikrą temą visų dalykų metu, jam natūraliai ji tampa įdomi, vaikui kyla klausimų, jis pats noriai imasi veiklos, pvz. vaikai mokydamiesi apie kosmosą, tą savaitę planetas studijuoja ir per pasaulio pažinimą, ugdo matematinius gebėjimus, skaičiuodami dangaus kūnus, lygindami dydžius ir svorius, jų sukimosi trajektoriją, kalbos raidą tobulina vartydami/skaitydami knygas apie kosmosą, sensorinius gebėjimus, kūrybiškumą ugdo menų klasėje, įsivaizduoja, kad yra astronautai ir atlieka tam tikras užduotis (problemų sprendimas) persirengdami dramos centre kabančiais kosmonautų kostiumais ir t. t.
Teacher of Katino Dienelės is like a guide, catalyst or a navigator, who is helping children to constantly improve, thus our education system is flexible, adapting to each child’s needs, interests, and environmental context. Child is at the centre of Katino Dienelės educational process. Contextual education is a part of individualization and differentiation. A child is learning when new information makes sense to them, teachers pay attention to children’s age, their abilities, child’s experience, ability to concentrate, the situation of their family, needs.

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