Practical information

07.308.30Free play/individual learning
09.0009.15Morning Assembly
09.2009.55Educational activity (speech education)
10.2010.50Educational activity (mathematical education)
11.0011.30Educational activity (natural science and social education)
11.3012.00Educational activity (arts and technological education / physical activity and health science)
12.0013.00Time outside
13.3014.00Board games / individual learning
14.0014.30Time at the library
14.3015.00Project activities
15.3018.00Extra educational activities / time outside / in the classroom
Extra curriculum activities

• music
• dance
• karate
• baletas
• computer literacy
• Spanish language
• keramika
• financial literacy
• solo singing classes
• baseino pamokos
• anglų kalbos savaitgalio mokykla
• kinų kalba
• šachmatų klubas
• menų dirbtuvės
• STEAM būrelis


Our children are fed with fresh, healthy and nutritious food prepared by UAB “Desertas”, later – “Confetti”. In our school sweet snacks and sweetened fizzy drinks are forbidden, the amount of sugar and salt is minimalized. Each day breakfast, lunch, and dinner are delivered for children. They eat fresh vegetables and fruits, drink a lot if water daily. Our menu includes meals suitable for vegetarians, vegans, gluten or lactose intolerant children.


Didžiuojamės nešiodami KD tarptautinės mokyklos logo ant krūtinės, nes tikime uniformų privalumais:
Self-expression. Uniforms encourage children to focus on self-expression, personality, and not appearance.
Saving time. Children know, what clothing they should put on and it becomes a part of the daily routine, which assures easier preparation in the mornings.
Hygiene. We noticed, that in the classes, where children were wearing uniforms daily, morbidity was lower, rather than in classes, where children were not wearing uniforms.
Equality. It might get difficult to escape comparison between children of what they are wearing. Wearing nursery ‘s uniform we can assure the feeling of equality.
Safety. Especially in Japan, it is usual, that each class wears one certain colour jackets, that on trips (especially when there are many children) it would be easier for teachers to assure the safety of children.
Unity. Uniforms help for children to feel united. Since teachers are also wearing uniforms, there is a good community being created in the nursery.
Comfort. Uniforms are comfortable, materials are soft and feels good on skin.
Self-discipline. Children understand that in certain atmospheres and situations we need to act or look accordingly.
Proudness. Children are proud to be wearing uniforms. They recognise the logo of nursery, notices teachers, key chains, showing to the logo on their own clothing they say: „Look, I have the logo too “.

Norėdami vaikui užsakyti uniformą, susisiekie su www.unicornuniform.lt

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