“Katino Dienelės“ – accredited international primary school in Vilnius, educating under the general primary and Cambridge programs. School‘s goal – a person who thinks and creates. “Katino Dienelės” community has been getting stronger and growing together for four years. Together we nurtured school’s vision, where children could continue child’s self-directed education created by education specialist in the bilingual learning environment. We are creating international community for families which learn outside the box, creatively. We believe that children are personalities worth respect, trust, and opportunity to learn by their own personal abilities and interests.

In “Katino Dienelės“ school we make sure that we do not obscure a child's natural learning paths, the biggest challenge for our educators is to create a learning environment which would encourage child’s curiosity, desire to learn through the game, and other ways by trying to show their potential, to show their shine. Child’s self-directed education is crucial for us, when education happens by child’s independent initiative – they choose activities that are interesting for them, learn through their own personal experience.

Children’s education is focused on democratization, which relies on natural environment’s creation, honest and warm communication with children, without limiting their free will to choose, close connection and communication with parents, fair and focused working methods and techniques of staff, which encourage child’s individuality, independence, will to choose, development of responsibility, and personal improvement.

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