Why us?

We create education for today and for the future. Being able to gather information is an important task for all of us, but being able to critically evaluate and apply it is even more important. In modern society, it is not important to just follow instructions - it is necessary to take the initiative to create your future. We believe that the best way for a child to take responsibility for their own choices and decisions is through learning, developing personal motivation and creating their own future.

Our educational environment is calm and respectful of the child, encouraging him to take responsibility for creating his future. We educate self-confident, determined and active global citizens who, through their experience, pave the way in modern society.

Bilingual school – helps to prepare children for life

Specialist of education – guides in the educational process, helping to develop independent ability to think, learn, solve the problems, argue.

Accredited international Cambridge school

We educate by internationally recognized Cambridge primary education program.

Self-Directed education

Learning happens with child‘s self-directed education– they choose activities and topics that they like independently, learns with their own personal experience, this way enhancing their strengths and abilities.

Learning environment

It is created to strengthen child‘s curiosity, motivation to learn and create, to cooperate, to work in a team.

Our values






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