We are very excited to give you good news - for the first time we are giving 3 scholarships for the most talented children! The scholarship is awarded as financial support to future first-graders and second-graders who will start studying at KD International School of Vilnius in September 2022. This scholarship is for children who sign a contract as first or second graders in 2022/2023.

KD International School of Vilnius is the leading international primary school in Vilnius, where education is provided in both Lithuanian and English (bilingual education). Also, starting from 2022 September, a new international class will opened, where children will be educated in English only under a special Cambridge program. A Cambridge Primary accredited teacher will work with these children. KD International School is characterised by child-centered education, multicultural environment, highly qualified pedagogical professionals and quality at an affordable price.


Who can apply?

Būsimi pirmokai ir antrokai, kurie pretenduoja mokytis KD International School of Vilnius.

How can I apply?

Leave your contacts: https://mokykla.katinodieneles.lt/kontaktai/ or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


300EUR / month scholarship: 300EUR / month discount, given during the monthly invoice sent for education and meals.

What is the deadline?

January 31, 2022.

How will the scholarship recipients be selected?
  • We are happy to offer 3 scholarships: one for the first grader, where education will take place in English only (international class); one to the first grader, where education will take place in both Lithuanian and English languages (bilingual class); one to the second grader, where education will take place in Lithuanian and English language (bilingual class).
  • The selection process will be followed by a pre-set selection plan.
  • The main elements of the selection process are: a motivational interview and an assessment of the child's maturity and knowledge.

Apply until 31 January, 2022

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