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Vyksta Priėmimas į  priešmokyklinę, pirmą ir antrą klases!

Why choose us?

International school

Education takes place in Lithuanian and English.

Į vaiką orientuotas ugdymas

Individualizuojamas kiekvieno vaiko ugdymas, atsižvelgiant į gebėjimus, žinias, supratimą.

Multicultural environment

Participation in multicultural environment encourages faster development.

Cambridge Primary akredituotas mokytojas

Cambridge Primary ugdymo programos yra integruotos su bendrosiomis Lietuvos ugdymo programomis.

Klasėje dirba 2 mokytojai

Children receive a lot of personal attention, which helps to tailor lessons to individual needs.

Highly qualified teachers

They are like guides in the educational process, which help to develop an independent ability to think, learn, solve problems, argue.

Quality at an affordable price

Talented teachers, additional specialists, a cozy home atmosphere, thoughtful learning spaces, additional activities and all this at an affordable price!

Self-directed education

The child himself sees the meaning in the learning process through a purposefully chosen atmosphere, the motivation of the teacher: the child's desire to learn is aroused.


Education and care services in 2021/2022
Kviečiame registruotis pokalbiui su mokyklos direktore ir susipažinti su mūsų ugdymo filosofija, aplinka, taip pat išgirsti atsakymus į visus rūpimus klausimus.
Additional services: meals, fees for additional elective classes / classes in primary education.

Admission fee: 300 EUR (one-time, non-refundable).
Discounts apply if several children from the same family attend school.


Katino Dienelės – akredituota tarptautinė pradinė mokykla Vilniuje, ugdanti pagal Bendrąsias pradinio ugdymo bei Kembridžo programas. Čia ruošiame ateities lyderius, skatiname mąstyti „outside the box“, dirbame su nuostabiais įkvepiančiais pedagogais-specialistais, gebančiais sužadinti vaiko motyvaciją mokytis. Prisijunkite: kurkime ateitį kartu!


Everything we learn in Katino Dienelės is based on five core values: respect, integrity, cooperation, responsibility and creativity.
We firmly believe that by embedding these values ​​in children’s daily lives, they learn, experience, and strive to become future leaders themselves. We provide them with all the tools they need to make children the people who will lead our society forward.








We are very pleased with the preschool education at Katino Dieneles. Our child is always provided with training according to her abilities and age. I highly recommend Katino Dieneles Nursery and School for those who are looking for a healthy and peaceful atmosphere for their children, because here they feel safe, loved and fully educated by wonderful teachers. We look forward to growing together next year in the first grade❤️ 

Aleksa's mom

We visited many nurseries / schools looking for a quiet, safe and suitable environment for our sensitive daughter until we finally decided to join the Katino Dieneles Preschool class. We are reassured that our child is heard and seen. Not only education in Lithuanian and English is important to us, but also professional teachers, school values, community, innovative approach to education. Respect for the child is felt as soon as you enter through the door. She can grow up and get to know other cultures because the community is multicultural and the child respects the other from an early age, regardless of his or her race, skin color, nationality, religion. Growing up in the Katino Dieneles we open the door to a wide world for a child.

Anabel's mom

We have been growing at Katino Dieneles for four years. Our reviews are the best since the early days. We feel very loved, we love the individualized approach to each child. Great educational conditions, sustainable everywhere (amazing that there is no abundance of plastic and colors!), safe, good atmosphere, unrealistic education! The teaching team is very sincere, loving their work and children. Katino Dieneles employs really responsible professionals who know their job! Only the best reviews! We recommend and look forward to the preschool class.

Anna Maria's parents

Frequently asked questions

What language the education is carried out in?

Ugdymas Katino Dienelėse vyksta dviem kalbomis: vienas mokytojas dirba pagal Pradinio ugdymo bendrąsias programas, anglakalbis – pagal Cambridge Primary programą. Klasėje vienu metu dirba 2 mokytojai.

If my child only knows Lithuanian, or only English, can they participate in preschool and primary education in your school?
Yes. A child can join Katino Dienelės without knowing English or Lithuanian languages. In the classroom there are always two teachers working, thus one of them dedicates her time to someone who needs more help.
Do you give homework to children?

Homework are not assigned in primary school, but sometimes children take upon a project that might take more time and need to be done afterschool, or parents‘ involvement, help, and knowledge is needed, for example: constructing a robot, drawing a family tree, etc. In addition, we recommend reading at home (at least 15 minutes a day).

Do you force children to learn something that they do not want to?
We believe that desire and motivation for learning comes from the child themselves, who must take responsibility for their educational process, and professional pedagogues paying attention to child’s abilities and purposefully prepared educational environment, contextual education will encourage child’s curiosity, understanding of the topic from different perspectives. 
What is the duration of your classes?

Pamokos trukmė yra 35 minutės, tačiau skambučio mokykloje mes neturime: pamokos laiką reguliuoja mokytojai, atsižvelgdami į vaikų įsitraukimą, nuovargį ir poreikius.

Do you have extra curriculum activities for students?

Informal education in Katino Dienelės is organized in various ways:
• Involving activities into class’ agenda (music, dance, karate) – included in the educational fee.
• Extended class’ activities – extra charge (theatre, robotics, computer literacy, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese languages, financial literacy, guitar classes, solo singing classes). 

What is the price and duration for extended class?

Learning classes start from 9am and ends at 15pm. Extended class‘ activities/care begins at 15pm until 18pm. Price – 60 EUR/ a month. The fee applies for primary school only.

What is the admission fee?
Enrolment payment – 300 EUR one time and non-refundable payment, paid when enrolling a child to school.
How many months does the school year last in Katino Dienelės?
The school year in primary school lasts 10 months (from the beginning of September to the end of June), but supervision in the educational institution is also organized during the summer holidays (additional fee – 350 EUR / month plus meals).
Are there holidays at school?
Yes, in our education institution we are all resting during winter break from December 24th until January 2nd.
Katino Dienelės primary school students also have 3 seasonal holidays, whose dates will be confirmed until the new school year start. Summer break, where tuition is not paid, are approved in July and August, but if necessary, the child can visit the educational institution for an additional fee (350EUR / month plus meals).
What is the food price in Katino Dienelės?
Food payment – 6,40 EUR per day. Payment is calculated at the end of the month according to the days a child has attended school. The fee is charged for breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by Confetti and delivered to us daily, as well as fruit and drinking water freely available to children throughout the day.
Is wearing uniforms obligatory?
Yeas, the top part of Katino Dienelės uniform is obligatory. Thus, we recommend to get at least 3-4 polo shirts, sweater, turtleneck with school’s logo.
What will my child eat?
Healthy food – healthy body – healthy soul. Well balanced eating habits are essential for a good health of a child, their mood, behaviour, concentration, attention, most importantly, physical, and mental health, depend on the food that they eat. Our eating program is compiled by specialists to keep children eating big variable of food with nutrients essential for health. Child‘s food must be variable, made out of products of animal and plant origins. If your child has some special or extraordinary needs, we will make an individual menu. Our children are fed with fresh, healthy and nutritious food prepared by UAB “Desertas”, later – “Confetti”.
What should we bring when coming to school for the first time?
What should we bring when coming to school for the first time?
• Comfortable clothes and inside shoes, so that the child could move freely in the class’ premises.
• We recommend getting at least 3-4 top parts of uniform – polo shirts, sweater, turtleneck.
• Extra clothes, that if needed there would be something to change into.
• Raincoat and rainboots, when there are rainy days.
• During summer time we recommend having a head cover – hat / light scarf, sun screen.
• Water bottle.
• Backpack, so that the child could pack and bring needed items to school by themselves, to taker to road trips, so that independence would develop.
• Hairbrush, so that they could brush their hair when needed.
• Toothpaste and toothbrush (preschool).
All these items and clothes can be left in the locker or cabin.
The child's outerwear should be as easy to put on / put off, without any complicated buttons, drawstrings and fasteners, so that the child can dress himself or herself as quickly as possible, without the help of a teacher.

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