We have visited Cambridge School Conference 2022 last weekend which took place in Cambridge, Great Britain. Nearly 200 delegates from 130 schools from all over the world met first time after 3 years for a face to face meeting, discussing how to create a positive environment for learning.

Fantastic presenters joined the conference for their speach, also inviting delegates for many break out sessions to enhance the understanding on prevention of bullying, how to encourage a positive behaviour in classrooms, exploring positive peace in school, promoting a collaborative staff culture, intercultural school leadership and overcoming the barries, the Cambridge Wellbeing Check and many more.

Drinks and canapes reception in the evening took a place at the University of Cambridge Zoology Museum, allowing conference delegetes to view thousands of specimens spanning the entire animal kingdom, from elephants, giant ground sloths and giraffes, to birds, reptiles, insects and molluscs.

We are now excited for the best practice sharing, visiting our new friends in their international schools soon, and also inviting them to visit us in Vilnius as well.

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